Who We Are


Commnunity Enterprises Develpment Organisation is an agro-enterprise development organisation that seeks to develop the production and marketing capacity of the local communities.



To improve agricultural production, food security and incomes of farmers and vulnerable groups in south western Uganda through capacity building, improved access to credit, appropriate agricultural technologies, value addition and collective marketing.

Core Values

We exist to serve the interests of all our clients/beneficiaries

We are advocates of participatory development

We foster team work, we believe in l mutual knowledge, mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual help.


A community where the poor and marginalized are empowered to overcome poverty.


To increase the institutional capacity of farmer groups in the project area so that they can operate an effective marketing system and further diversify their enterprises for the benefit of the members



To strengthen the productive and marketing capacity of individuals and groups engaged in the formal and informal co-operative sectors


What we do

Agricultural Development

Perenial Crops


Some of the Iron rich-bean Varieties multiplied at CEDO

Engagement & Resilience

A farmer bean field being inspected at Flowering stage

Capacity Development

Justine, an extension staff supports Kwezza Bujja VSLA group.

Engagement & Resilience

Morgan Sage, a Peace Corps Volunteer with VSLA group after a session on record keeping


1. Capacity building within HIV/AIDS affected farming communities in Masaka and Rakai districts

2. An asset-based approach for assessing the impact of value chain approches on rural poverty

3. Improving incomes of HIV & AIDS affected farming communities in seven subcounties of Rakai, Lyantonde, and Masaka through commercial bean seed Production, Processing and Marketing

5. Household Empowerment Project in Rakai Project

6. Bean Utilisation Project

7. Promoting the right to food among people living with HIV & AIDS in Lwengo and Masaka Districts

8. Promoting Gender Equality among People Living with HIV & AIDS for sustainable food security

9. Support on use of small packs for smallholder farmers

11. Improved production and Market Access of Bean Seeds through Collective Farming Activities

12. Commodity Production and Marketing Activity






Contract farming.

Organise farmer groups and create awareness about contract farming.

Facilitate the production process by providing extension service, training in collective production and marketing.

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"I get quality bean seed from CEDO, grow and CEDO buys my produce. I thank CEDO for the opportunity given to me to operate as a Village Enterprise Agent in my area."

Bukenya Abdul
Beneficiary SENTE Project

"We have worked with CEDO as an implementing partner in various projects and they are such a resilient partner. Keep it up CEDO."

Kalanzi Patrick
Program Coordinator Country Office

"CEDO has given me hope now. Am 20 years of age, I have a son and a daughter, I dropped out of school when I gave birth to my first boy. Last year CEDO enrolled me into one of it's programs in which they support young mothers to have a sustainable life through agriculture."

Namatovu Agnes
Beneficiary DREAMS Project


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